Initial Meeting:


We meet for a half hour to discuss your project, your goals, your writing habits, what keeps you writing, and what gets in the way of your writing.  


We talk about where you are with your project and what you want to accomplish through coaching.




After our initial meeting we set up a schedule with the goal of keeping you on track with your writing work. The schedule involves weekly or bi-monthly sessions of an hour. At each session we review what is working and what is not, with a focus on both the process of writing and the content of the work.  We meet regularly so the plan (to get the writing done) takes hold and doesn't fade away after the initial sprint.  

Tamar Cole has over thirty years of experience working with writers in all genres.   She is a playwright, screenwriter, television, and Public Relations writer.


Her work with writers includes Individual Coaching, Screenwriting Workshops, WRITE NOW:  A two day creative writing workshop, and THE WRITE WAy:  A one-on-one and/or group evaluation and training designed to enhance capabilities of people responsible for important written and verbal communication in the corporate and business setting.


To best understand Tamar’s point of view regarding Writing Coaching please take the time to listen to an interview on Write The Book, a radio program out of Burlington, Vermont. 

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How it works:


Art really is long, and life really short.  WRITE NOW is what we have.


Tamar Cole provides coaching and consulting services for both new and established writers. As a coach she works closely with you to establish:


  • A clear vision for your writing

  • A specific outcome for the work you will be doing

  • A process tailored to your needs that will enable you to meet your goals.

Struggling with beginning, continuing, finishing?


Need tools and rules to start you up and keep you working from concept to completion?